Common Ailments

This page is where, (while I’m re-educating myself on some of the more common horse ailments), I’ll be adding what I learn.

I can start with one ailment….thrush, it’s pretty easy to treat with a 50/50 mix of bleach and water or Iodine. Place your horses affected hoof/ves in a shallow bucket and let them soak for a few minutes, or you can just get a thick sponge soaked with either of the above and hold it over the affected hoof. We find this easier for my daughters horse, either myself or my daughter lift his hoof and squeeze the bleach mixture over his hooves.

Proud Flesh

Proud Flesh shouldn’t be feared in early development, in fact it can be yours and your horses friend in wounds. Before I explain more about Proud Flesh you should know there are different types of wounds.

Type 1: Are lacerations that are straight and even so they can be stitched back together and the skin on either side of the wound will meet once again and should heal faster.

Type 2: Wounds that have been stripped of skin or wounds that are stitched and or bandaged which happened to Nathy. When his stiches disolved the wound became open in spots and became a stage 2 wound. Hence Nathy now has Proud Flesh.

So What Is Proud Flesh?

I’m no expert on this but have learned a lot from my vet and through a lot of research. It helps the healing process in stage 2 wounds by growing in the open wound and where skin has been stripped off due to an injury.

In saying that Proud Flesh can become your enemy if not treated properly. It can spread like an obnoxious weed if left unattended and moves out of the wounded area. This can look like large mushrooms which may need to be removed by your vet.

Your vet can safely remove the excess with a scalpel without causes painnas Proud Flesh has no nerve endings. Proud Flesh is granulation tissue filled with blood vessels, so although painless it can be very bloody and look like a scene out of CSI.

Proud Flesh

Seedy Toe.

I was going to try and explain what Seedy Toe is but I found a great PDF, you might find more informative than anything I can give you.

The Barefoot Blacksmith