I’m Gonna Have A Rant…Just My Opinion!

I’m not wanting to repeat myself but I’m a 58 year young horse lover, or maybe I’m just slightly crazy buying an un-educated thoroughbred with little knowledge of horse ownership. I know a bit about horses due to my riding days way back then, then again things have changed a lot in the horse world, since I was involved many years ago.

I want to learn as much as I can so I can do the best for Nathy but where do you go to find out answers or get some guidance. There’s Google which my one of my vets say is a good thing, the other one not so much, there’s my vet who I can’t always get hold of just to ask a question and there’s Facebook groups. So I tell myself I should check out some of the groups, which I have done and most people are helpful and understanding of my goal to get back in the saddle…then there are those who think they know everything and think all us newcomers have no right owning a horse.

I’ve already left one group because of the sheer arrogance of some of the “horsey know-it-alls” who have been so rude to some of the other members. I was chastised foe answering the question..”What is your job and does it leave you enough time to spend with your horse or something like that” because I answered by saying “I love my job I work at home for Paradise Nutrients and have heaps of time to spend with my boy”, seems I was breaking the group rules because I sell a product online, FFS it wasn’t an advert??????.

The other group I’m thinking of leaving which is not as friendly as the name suggests is getting just as bad as far as nastiness and arrogance are concerned. I read some of the answers to others who are also getting back in horses after many years and I’m gobsmacked…I swear this is why I only tried pony club once. I’m old old fun loving trail rider, I don’t do dressage, showjumping, cross country, hunting or polo. I just want to get back in the saddle and feel the vibes of being as one with a horse again.

I’m not rich, I don’t know it all but hell, I’m willing to learn, I love my horse, he’s my dream come true, I’ve nursed him through injury, I cried in the paddock with him when Skye was sold and I have just as much right to own a bloody horse as anyone else, who’s willing to put in as much time, love, blood, sweat and tears as I have. Well no blood but a hell of a lot of love, sweat and tears.

I don’t rant very often and it takes a lot to get my back up, I try to be understanding, respectful and emphatic to others, sometimes I cry for them when I hear about the loss of their horse, or an injury to their animal, I just get seriously peeved with some people who think they are better than others judge me when they don’t know how much I put into this. OK rant over!

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