It’s Been A Long Road……

It’s been a long road from the time Nathy went through the fence and how good he’s doing now. It’s taken a lot of love, time, energy and money. All more than worth it, he hasn’t totally recovered but he’s almost there.

Now the warmer weather is almost upon us, I’m looking forward to doing some light ground work with him. After watching numerous videos on natural horsemanship, with different instructions, I’ve decided I’ll put up a temporary round yard and start hime on the invisable leadrope, or liberty training. I seen horses coming out of this training with so much respect for their teacher, and no doubt this amateur teacher will probably be learned a few slessons too. I

I can’t wait to build a stronger bond between Nathy and I, as it’s been hard over winter to build a strong bond when the weather has been so bad, I could barely spend any time with him. It’s been so frustrating, the few good days we did have, I had the flu and then there was more wind and rain day after day. We had a couple of good days on the weekend but I have the flu again, if it’s not one thing it’s the other.

Sometimes I second guess myself and wonder if I’m to old or to inexperienced to take on re-training Nathy but then I think about not having this awesome opportunity, to help this magnificent, beautiful boy learn and be happier. I so hope we can go riding together one day it’svthe ultimate bond between a horse and his owner. I’m a little nervous about the adventures ahead of us, but Nathy is such a kind soul and doesn’t have a mean bone in his body, that is unless you’re an animal trying to steal his feed.

First I have to get him healed completely, I’ve got some Paradise Nutrients, minerals and hoof re-hab on it’s way which will help him immensely. Once I get his legs and his hooves right, and get the vet to check his soundness we can go from there.

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