Just When You Think You’re Winning

I’m stumped with Nathy’s hooves, just when I think I’m winning something else pops up. I discovered he had thrush again and treated it with PN Hoof Rehab and Cetrigen and he seemed to improve quite a bit. I ran out of hoof Rehab but have more on the way. I had the Chiro and farrier out Wednesday and as usual Nathy was a little sore after his trim.

I went to feed him last night and he was lame in both front legs and I have no idea why, I’ve been cleaning his hooves twice a day to keep him comfortable but it’s not helping him. He was on steroids about a month or so ago and the vet said to watch out for Laminitis. I saw no signs but now I’m really worried that’s what this is. I’m going to send some pics to my farrier and see what he thinks. I so hope it’s not Laminitis, I’ve read that Thoroughbreds very rarely get this but it’s not impossible and being he was on steroids for scouring, maybe this is what it is.

No brainer the vet will be called as soon as I know, I’m hoping it’s only because I’ ran out of Hoof Rehab because it was helping the thrush and his overall hoof health. I’m also coating his hooves with oil to protect them from Nathy’s stints in the dam. I’m so worried about him and are hoping my worse case scenerio isn’t the cause of his pain.

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