My Package Is Arriving Today….

My delivery is arriving today or tomorrow,depending on which Aust Post message I believe. I’m hoping for today so I can start Nathy on Paradise Nutrients Hoof Rehab and Broad Spectrum Minerals. I’m really hoping I’ll see a big improvement, particularly with his hooves, I just want him to have less cracks ond abscesses.

If I can get him improving over summer and the new landlord fixes our paddocks with better drainage, like he said, Nathy won’t suffer as much damage to his hooves next year. I’ll be monitoring his progress and posting here it weekly. Short post today, it’s school holidays and I have two grandkids here, and when their mum picks them up, she’s bringing my other two grandkids. Before the younger ones arrive, I want to go out and do some grooming on my boy, while I have some beautiful sunshine. I might even give him a hose down….lol he’ll love that – not!🤣🤣🤣

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