My Poor Boy Is So Sore

Nathy has been having trouble with his hooves for a while now mostly due to our extremely muddy paddocks over winter and possibly a bit of my lack of knowledge. I had the farrier out yesterday, I finally found a great guy to do his hooves, 3 weeks ago I had the mean farrier…for all the good he did and 8 weeks before that I had the farrier I usually use, he is good but I wanted a barefoot trimmer and a plan for Nathy’s feet. The farrier who came out yesterday also does barefoot trimming but at the moment we are more interested in saving his hooves.

The week I had to wait to get the farrier out was torture, I knew Nathy was a little sore and I couldn’t help him, it broke my heart. Yesterday morning when I went out to see him he had gone from a little sore to almost lame overnight. My farrier had to cut quite a bit of hoof to get him back on track and he was sore after the trim, and considering the state of hooves I sort of expected more soreness after the trim. I want to put him on golden paste, which helps with pain but I have the chiro coming out next week to treat him for soreness in his legs and they usually like to see a horse without any kind of pain relief, so they can get a better picture of whats going on and nothing is masked by pain relief.

My solution is, I’ll make the golden paste up feed it to him for a couple of days until his hooves are better and take him of it Saturday and see how he is. Below is a before and after pic…the before was taken a few weeks ago, the after was taken last night. Just before the farrier came my daughters horse Skye kicked Nathy in the face and breast, Nathy is fine thankfully. Skye suffers from headaches, caused by some old head trauma…I’ve heard he was pretty badly beaten around the makes me sick how some people can do that to any animal. When Skye gets headaches he goes a little crazy, tossing his head, cantering around the paddock, kicking out, rearing and bucking. Yesterday I think he just got sick of Nathy being in his face, which is understandable if he wasn’t feeling well. I’ve also added the pics of Nathy’s head and breast, you can just see the swelling on his breast and they are both getting a visit from the Chiro next week. I also have a pick of Skye hahaha butter wouldn’t melt in his mouth.



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