Nathy’s Doing Much Better

Nathy is doing so much better since my last post, he is still a little sore in the hooves but he’s walking much easier. A week after I had the farrier out, Tom the Chiro came out, he is so good with horses and gave Nathy some Bowen Therapy. Nathy was sore in his hind quarters and both foreleg knees were giving him grief but he’s feeling much better now.

Nathy had a play in the dam yesterday and even went for a trot and a canter when Skye was chasing one of the bull calves…oh dear! I was really worried about him for a couple of weeks, I sat in bed tearing up because I felt I was letting him down..yeah sometimes I second guess myself and wonder if I’ve taken on too much at my age but my heart belongs to my boy and I know he’ll be fine with a lot of love care and help from awesome people like Tom and Adam.

Adam my farrier and Tom have helped me so much, Tom suggested putting unrefined coconut oil on his hooves to keep some moisture in them, Hmmmm! maybe I should try some on my wrinkles hahahaha. It seems to be helping Nathy but I might have to get Adam back out because Nathy’s hooves are still are cracking (that started before I started with the coconut oil) and his near hind coronet band looks swollen.

I’ll let you know how it goes, I’m also placing a link below to explain a bit about what Tom does to mine and my daughters horse to make them feel better.

Bowen Therapy

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