Update On Nathy

Working what is causing a problem in h can bee quite a conundrum , so I thought Nathy’s problem was the calf pellets but from what I have read if that was the case, Nathy probably shouldn’t be with us as a minute amount of monensin can take a horse out. I also noticed on Friday that Skye also had diarrhoea and I’m almost 100% sure he didn’t get into the pellets unlike Nathy who will eat anything.

Vikki got the vet out to Skye yesterday and we all came to the conclusion, it may have been the pear tree with the new fruit may have caused them both to scour. It was a huge relief to me as I’ve been so worried about Nathy. Skye wasn’t put on steroids like Nathy as his scouring wasn’t as bad as Nathy’s.

Nathy still has to have the full dose o steroids as they can’t just be stopped, he has to come off them slowly. His dose is 3 sachets a day for 4 days, 2 sachets for 3 days, and 1 sachet for 3 days. He is also on natural yoghurt, the good news is when I went out to see him yesterday there were 3 nice new poos and they were solid. I know ending a post with poo involved is a bit gross but it makes me a happy horse mum.

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