Why I Feel Like The Worse Horse Mum Ever.

Today I had the worst ever experience, I had a new farrier out to do Nathy’s hooves which were in pretty bad shape after winter and our overly soggy paddocks. He was recommended by a neighbor who said he was really good with horses, the fact that he wasn’t a fan of thoroughbreds wasn’t mentioned. I met the farrier about a week ago and he seemed like such a lovely and kind man, I was shocked and still are at todays events.

Nathy never plays up no matter what vets or farriers throw at him, he’s awesome to treat even for a novice like me and has never shown any nastiness. I had a bad feeling when I was waiting for him to turn up, my thoughts were…”I hope he doesn’t hurt my boy”. Nathy doesn’t like picking up his near hind leg, I thought it was because he had some soreness in that leg or as someone pointed out to me, he may not like putting weight on his off hind leg because of soreness. I know my boy, he wouldn’t refuse to lift his leg unless their was a good reason.

Anyway the farrier trimmed Nathy’s near fore leg and everything was going great, then he went to the near hind leg and I got the shock of my life. Nathy did his normal I don’t want to lift this leg and the farrier turned from nice kind old man to hitting my boy with his nail puller right on the bone…which would be equivalent to us being hit on the shin with something hard, he then proceeded to tell Nathy “lift it or I’ll kick you in the guts and give you something to winge about.

My neighbor told him that was Nathy’s injured leg so the farrier then whacked him in the stomach, with the same tool. I wanted to tell him, to not hit him, but I couldn’t say a word, I don’t know if it was the fact that Nathy’s hooves were so bad and he was my only choice at that stage, or I froze because, my stepfather was such an arse and I was too scared to say anything.

The farrier left and I went inside and vented to my granddaughter and a friend and then I just cried because I let that man do that to Nathy, hence I now feel like a complete bitch. I don’t understand why people think if they hurt any animal, that animal will do what they want them too. Personally I wish Nathy had of kicked him, but that’s not my boy and he probaly would have just hit him again. That man will never get near my boy again, I found a barefoot trimmer who I am intending to get out to Nathy for his next trim.

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