Why You Should Never Get Complacent With Your Horse…

No-one can love their horse as much as I love Nathy (well yeah they can) and I try my best to keep safe, happy and healthy but even sometimes I miss the obvious. The calves are now in the paddock duting the day but still need their pellets and were being fed in the paddock, it didn’t click with me that the horses may get to the calf feed. Well Nathy did just that and I wasn’t too concerned because he seemed to be fine until, I noticed that he had the runs but wasn’t actually having a poo, more like just little trickles down his legs….sorry to be gross.

I got the vet out yesterday and found out one of the ingredients of calf food is monesin which is not good for a horses gut, in fact it can kill the good bacteria in the gut..sonot a good thing. My awesome vet has put him on a course of steroids and he has to be fed twice a day with natural yoghurt in his feed. I’ve only just cut his feed back, he only gets fed once a day and the quantity has been reduced. Sometimes I swear Nathy does this sort of thing just so he gets more feed😂😂. All jokes aside the calf feed can kill a horse and the vet said I have to watch him as he could still go down at anytime or worse. At the moment he looks fine and doesn’t look ill at all, I’ll keep you informed.

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