Yeah I haven’t been around….

Having depression can be a real pain not to mention it can make a person hide away and at times it doesn’t take much to set it off. To be honest the last few months Nathy has been the only one to drag me out of my room. The good news is I’m coming out of it, it’s time to get it all together.

There were a few things that sent me on my trip back to the dark, I really thought starting my new business was going to be the beginning of some really good times I really believe in the products I was selling but my inexperience led me to believe the mis-information that was given to me by someone I thought knew what they were talking about.

I ended my business and was devastated because Nathy was doing so well and people commented on how good he was looking. I sorta felt like the bottom dropped out and yeah I guess I just gave up. Then not much longer after my daughter moved and I think I missed her and the kids more than I realised…we did get up to mischief together and they made me laugh. To top off the last few months Sid my gorgeous little pony was bitten by a snake and passed away.

Nathy got an abcess in his near fore leg and as soon as that healed he got thrush, the calf has potty belly which I’m working on and he’s improving…I thought what the hell haave I done to deserve all this. Yep I had an over extented pity party.🤔

The good news is the pity party is over and I’m back in business selling Paradise Nutrients again, I don’t know why I didn’t question the mis-information earlier than a few days ago but I should have trustec my gut and kept Nathy on tbeir minerals. A lovely lady who is also a horse nutritionist made up a diet for Nathy and also looked into the ingredients in the minerals and gave them a big thumbs up. It was such a relief and Nathy is now back on them and I can’t for them to work their magic again. If I didn’t believe in PN I would not endorse them but at the end of the day the proof is in the pudding, it was my self doubt and inexperience that swayed me away frommthe best horse products I have ever used. It’s a bit late to kick myself now and time to move on with my business.

The top pic is Nathy on the minerals, the second was taken about a week ago before I put him back on them.



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